Aptitude Tests

SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL you name it, we have it!
3RDiconsulting provides end to end assistance in clearing all the aptitude tests in Mumbai. These tests are designed to analyse your strong and weak points, skill levels and areas of improvement. These tests involve the use of psychometric tests consisting of multiple choice questions, wherein a student has to select any one choice out of the given options.

Sometimes a student is not sure about what their true strengths are. They do not know what career pathways their aptitudes might support. There are also other factors that might impact their career choices.

For example, their ability to work in a closed office in front of a desk or their need to work in outside spaces would impact the choices they make about their future career. Their actual interest level in a particular field or phenomena may not be in sync with their actual current aptitudes.

Aptitude tests provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses on several parameters of skills like verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, interpersonal, creative, art & design, etc

Expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career guidance leads to optimal utilization of educational opportunities so that a student can enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses to grow towards his career destination.
Utilise the power of career assessment with 3RDiConsulting before you delve into a particular career option or career path. This is what will ensure that you grow and develop your abilities along through the career option that best suits the development of your aptitude.