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Career Counselors in Mumbai - Advisors for Studying Abroad


Application Process

Complete, correct, and on-time applications are sent to universities. We work in sync with students and parents from any city to streamline application procedures and meet all deadlines.

Entrance Tests

Entrance tests assess the candidate’s ability to speak, write, read, and comprehend the English language who wish to enroll in universities and other educational institutions for higher education in an English speaking country.

Visas, Accommodation & Ticketing

We guide you with the documentation, conduct mock interview sessions so that you are confident during your actual interview. With our reliable sources, we help you with accommodation & ticketing as well.

Aptitude Tests

3RDiconsulting provides end to end assistance in clearing all the aptitude tests in Mumbai. These tests are designed to analyze your strong and weak points, skill levels, and areas of improvement

University Selection

This is the most important task. Selecting a university involves consideration of multiple factors like student profile, family budget, and location preference.

Australian Psychometric Tests

We also conduct a psychometric test for our students. It is an Australian software and once you take the test it is sent for evaluation to Australian Psychologists.