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It is a matter of prestige for Indian parents to send their children to study in the UK. Over 1.4 million Indians reside in the UK with many of them originally being students. If you are planning to study in the UK then you will definitely not feel homesick there. Living and studying in the UK is like experiencing the high profile urban lifestyle and enjoying the diversity, complexity, civic infrastructure, and social exchange while enjoying beautiful ancient yet modernized cities and delicious food with the liveliest population to be around.

  • The UK has more than 100 universities and around 165 higher education institutions including universities and colleges.
  • With ancient and traditional universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and University College London to modern universities, the UK offers something for every student in a variety of subject areas.
  • Taught Master courses are only for 1 year. You do not need 16 years of education to pursue a Master’s degree in most subjects.
  • Most undergraduate (bachelor) degrees are for 3 years in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Applications for Bachelors’s degree courses are made through the Universities Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) which is a centralized application system. Students can apply to a maximum of 5 institutions/courses only.


15 October for medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses and all courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

15 January for all other courses except certain art and design courses that have a 24 March deadline.

30 June is the final deadline for international students and after this, all applications go into Clearing.


There is no single centralized system for postgraduate applications and students have to make applications individually to each institution.

Deadlines vary from course to course and institution to institution. Our counseling staff can help you with identifying these deadlines.


Summer Schools are classes held for about 4 – 6 weeks typically during months of May and June or July and August.

  1. Kings College, London
  2. London School of Economics

The costs incurred by a student can be divided into

  • The tuition fee for the course
  • Living cost

The tuition fee for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs ranges from GBP 4000 to 18,000. Tuition for laboratory-based courses is usually higher than classroom-based courses. Medicine, Dentistry courses have much higher tuition fees.

The living cost in the UK is higher in big cities such as London and lower in smaller towns and cities. The UKBA has defined the living cost for the purpose of obtaining a student visa. This is as follows-

  • GBP 1200 per month in Central London
  • GBP 1000 for outer London and the rest of the UK

UK is one of the most dynamic study destinations in the world. Top class teaching facilities at some of the most renowned universities in the world make UK ideal to gain an undergrad or post grad degree. About 10 – 30% of students at UK Universities are international students. You would get a chance to meet and interact with students from European countries as well as other countries from around the world.

You will be expected to do extensive reading, researching, and be able to express your arguments in a logical and convincing way. Mostly the emphasis is on how to think rather than what to think. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the UK and students need to ensure that they do not copy answers from their friends, books (without providing proper references).

Most institutions will organize orientation days/week for international students where you will be introduced to the institution, class time table, accommodation, health, and money matters. We recommend that you arrive at your institution in time to attend this orientation as it will help you settle in faster.

3RDiConsulting also holds Pre-departure briefings to help students prepare well for life as a student in the UK.

Choosing the right education program and finding the best university to study in the UK play a vital role in your future success. Along with this, choosing the right education consultant that can guide you towards your goal is also important.

Find the best universities to study in the UK with 3RDiConsulting. Offering a unique boutique counseling & mentoring approach, we guide our students towards the path of success.



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