Visas | Accommodation | Ticketing

Student Visas

Student visas can be a mind boggling task and we prepare you to navigate the course to enter the country of your choice. We guide you with the documentation, conduct mock interview sessions so that you are confident during your actual interview.

Our counselors have an understanding of the questions as well as the expectations of the visa officers. This helps us ensure that your journey towards your further education is smooth.


Most parents are worried about the safety of their children on campus. With our experience we help students choose the best accommodation in a particular university keeping in mind all factors like budget, location, proximity to school etc.

We not only facilitate the booking smoothly but also help with payments and other settling issues to ensure students comfort in an international environment.

Ticketing and Forex

We have reliable sources to help our students with their forex needs. Right from paying the application fees, loans for student fees, Forex cards for daily expenses and group bookings in flights, we make sure you get the best.