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Kavitta holds a dual master’s degree in Business and Strategy, one from India and another from the UK. The experience of studying abroad made her aware of the challenges that a student faces while making significant decisions related to overseas education and career.

She aptly says “While going through the process I realized how it was just a business model for many counselors. Having faced this myself I was determined to help others and make sure they can depend on making their choices in amalgamation with my opinions.”

Since 2011, she has been working in the education industry and has counseled and given career guidance to many students.With support and encouragement from her father, Kavitta took the big leap and decided to start 3RDiConsulting in 2014.

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“Confused? Always! This is one of the biggest dilemmas in every student’s life. The first step towards carving their path involves mentoring them to understand them better,” says Kavitta. As a social entrepreneur, Kavitta has been offering a broad range of educational consultancy services for students, graduates and those looking to develop or even change their careers. Having studied abroad, Kavitta has experienced the troubles that a student faces in making these decisions.
In Mumbai, she runs 3RDiConsulting, which works with students across India and worldwide and has delivered careers and education advice to over 2000 people. Kavitta states, “We are myth busters. Most students today have inadequate knowledge about the reality of study abroad. There are myths about the course offerings, work options, visa regulations, and many other factors, with our expertise we make sure we help them clear these doubts and find the right match.”.

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At 3rdiConsulting our aim is to educate our youth and make Indian students globally competitive. Our ultimate goal is to thrust the importance of education in every individual’s mind and make them realize the importance of this investment.
With the ultimate goal of finding the perfect match, 3RDiconsulting’s unique boutique counseling approach involves a rigorous set of tests to understand the personal strengths and weaknesses of the student. Further, expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career counseling aids in discerning educational opportunities.

At 3RDiConsulting, we put our students first. What differentiates us from others is the personal touch and care in dealing with every student individually. We ensure a smooth communication channel where approachability is one of our key advantages. Their success is what matters the most to us.

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