Application Process

Complete, correct, and on-time applications are sent to universities. We work in sync with students and parents from any city to streamline application procedures and meet all deadlines.

Am I eligible to Study Abroad?

Eligibility requirements vary by university and program. Typically students must be at least sophomore or junior standing at the time of departure. The minimum cumulative GPA usually varies between 2.50 to 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, while more competitive programs have a higher GPA requirement. Other qualifications may include a personal statement or letter of recommendation. Consult your home university and/or program provider for specifics, and plan accordingly so you can meet all of the requirements by the time you want to study abroad.

How do you help us get student visas and do you guarantee visas?

We assist you to apply for your student visa by checking your documents and conducting mock interviews. Although we don’t guarantee visas, since 2014, 99% of our students who have counseled with us have obtained their visas.

What are the Psychometric Tests?

A psychometric test is any activity or assessment that is conducted in order to evaluate a candidate’s performance and includes, but is not limited to, skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and job/academic potential.

Where can I find the Study Abroad Scholarship?

Study Abroad Scholarship scholarship can be found in many places. Then, you first need to choose the university and then you’ll find all the available scholarships. Sometimes the university will also list external scholarships, such as those offered by the government or business partners of the school. If not, you should research governmental schemes in your home country and your country of study, as well as funding offered by external organizations relating to your field of study.

After gaining a letter of acceptance, what do I do next?

Congratulations, you’re in! Now, all that’s left to do is to prepare for your studies, pack up your suitcase, get your travel documents in order, apply for your student visa, research your accommodation options, and look for funding.

6 Best Places to Study Abroad

COVID & UK Visas Getting an international education is an opportunity many students seek. For those individuals wishing to study abroad, there is one question of prime importance: where is the best place to study as an international student? Of course, the answer depends on what exactly you are looking for in a study destination. [...]

Post Study Work Visa

Post Study Work Visa Different countries have different rules regarding the procurement of such post-study work visa. Some countries which are rather lenient about allowing foreign students to stay back after their graduation and work alongside the local people, have a fairly easy process and is pretty achievable with some paperwork at most. Others, which [...]

Study In Ireland – A new destination for Indian students to study abroad

COVID & UK Visas Consistently ranked in the world’s top 20 countries for exceptional quality of life, peace, and human development, Ireland is increasingly becoming a top choice among Indian students. With a vibrant culture that rewards entrepreneurial spirit and offers multiple opportunities to grow professionally, the country will teach you lessons that go beyond [...]

How to master the art of public speaking ?

How to master the art of public speaking? Public Speaking is a skill and be learned: If you have ever listened to a great public speaker before, then you know that there is something truly inspiring and uplifting about sitting in front of a poised and polished speaker. Public speaking is not just an act — it is [...]

Ways to tackle exam pressure

Ways to tackle exam pressure Exam-related anxiety and stress are a phase everyone has to overcome. One cannot dodge it even if they try to as it forms an integral part of our learning process. Thus, we must learn to take this challenge gracefully and ace the examination with full confidence with the help of [...]

International Application – Study Abroad Process Overview

International Application – Study Abroad Process Overview With 10 plus years of experience and thousands of successful student placements 3RDiConsulting knows what it takes to find a good match for success.    Here are a few steps to make the process easy for all students. Research  Importance of University Ranking - This is one of the most [...]

Study in Singapore – A guide for International Students

Study in Singapore – A guide for International Students Why Singapore Singapore is known for its high-quality education in every discipline.  Singapore’s economy attracts multinational companies of many countries that generate employment.  In addition to the highly competitive local universities, a number of international institutes have set up campuses in Singapore offering a range of [...]

7 Tips for scoring College Scholarships

7 Tips for scoring College Scholarships As deadlines approach, here’s how to boost your chances for scholarships. If you’re a high school senior or a college student hoping to land a scholarship to help fund the cost of school this fall, don't delay your search much longer. Most scholarships have spring deadlines, so now is [...]

Virtual Study Abroad courses to take in 2021

Virtual Study Abroad courses to take in 2021 While studying abroad doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of sitting on your couch staring at your computer screen, the changing reality of the travel industry and global movement means that even studying abroad is being redefined. Covid 19 has really made every industry redefine the way it [...]

How to survive in a country where you don’t speak the language ?

How to survive in a country where you don’t speak the language ? You are probably reading this because you are moving to a country for Education or Work and don’t speak their language. Moving abroad to a country where you don’t speak the language will be one of the most stressful times of your [...]

How to crack MBA/ Masters Interviews ?

How to crack MBA/ Masters Interviews? Most master's and MBA students get an interview call once their profile has been shortlisted. Many students are worried about the same and unsure of how to crack this. You must remember that an interview call suggests you are already halfway through, if you do well your chance of [...]

8 Most affordable States to Study in the USA

Most affordable States to Study in the USA As an international student, budgeting is a very important part of the process of choosing a country to study. The expenses involved in rents, eating out, leisure activities differ to varying degrees from city to city. The US is the most popular study destination among Indian students, [...]

Common GRE mistakes

COVID & UK Visas Procrastination This is the most common mistake that almost every aspirant makes. Just because the GRE exam is held throughout the year students take the liberty to schedule anytime. But most students keep stalling on their preparation and when the time comes to actually give the exam, they are not ready. [...]

6 Things To Do While Waiting To Study Abroad

6 Things To Do While Waiting To Study Abroad While your study abroad dreams may be on hold, you can still get ahead. Here are some things you can do in the meantime while waiting:   Research Your Study Destination - Take some time to understand the culture as well as the living expenses required [...]

Study Abroad post Covid-19

Study Abroad post Covid-19 As the world tackles the Covid-19 pandemic, surprisingly, around 91% of Indian students who had planned to study abroad still want to continue due to the safety measures being put in place. This number is rather welcome considering how the Coronavirus pandemic ruined plans for students worldwide, especially those who wanted [...]

COVID & UK Visas

COVID & UK Visas A Relief for all students who are planning their study in the United Kingdom. Holding an offer but don’t know what to do? Are you uncertain about your plans to study in the UK this year? Are your parents worried about your safety? We have some good news in these challenging [...]

How to spend your quarantine the right way?

How to spend your quarantine the right way? Summer is just around the corner, and every year, students take advantage of this time to build their profile. This is done in many ways; including community service, summer schools, internships to name a few. However, this year, we are faced with a pandemic, COVID 19, which [...]

Checklist for study abroad

Checklist for study abroad Whether you’ve been dreaming of studying abroad or already been accepted, here’s a step by step guide to making sure you’re as prepared as possible to ensure a smooth time abroad. What do you want to achieve To be successful in something you must know what you want to achieve. Our [...]

How to make a CV/Resume?

How to make a CV/Resume? What is a CV? Your CV, short for curriculum vitae, is a personal marketing document used to sell yourself to prospective employers/universities. It should tell them about you, your professional history and your skills, abilities and achievements. Ultimately, it should highlight why you’re the best person.   Here are the sections [...]

How to write an effective Statement of Purpose?

How to write an effective Statement of Purpose? An SOP is a long essay required by universities abroad and nowadays some of the Indian universities during the application process. As the full form of SOP reveals, a Statement of Purpose is an essay stating the purpose of applying to a particular course in a particular university. [...]

Is there racism towards Indian students abroad?

Is there racism towards Indian students abroad? What are the cultural norms of my host country? How will I be perceived in my host community? Will there be other minority students in my program? Will I experience discrimination in the country I study in? Who can I contact if I do? We recognize that students [...]

An integral know-how on a student’s life abroad – What are the pros and cons?

Over the years a lot of Indians have been overseas to pursue further studies and the number is only rising each year. Studying abroad greatly improves the aspirant's career prospects in a number of ways and it helps you get in touch with newer opportunities by letting you out of your comfort zone. Well, it’s [...]

Myths and Facts about Study Abroad

Let’s be honest - the idea of studying abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring. The journey from first considering studying abroad to stepping foot on a university campus on the other side of the world may seem long and full of hurdles, but good planning and a positive mindset can go a long [...]

Discrimination and harassment for students studying abroad

There are a lot of things that go through a student’s mind while preparing for studies abroad. Finding an appropriate accommodation, the fear of relocating to a new place, leaving the luxuries of a home life to live all alone, making new friends, etc. During such a time, one of the things that probably never cross a student’s mind has to deal with discrimination. However, racial discrimination [...]

Part Time Jobs while Studying abroad

Studying abroad is a pretty exciting and rewarding experience for many students. By studying abroad, students not only get a chance to meet new people of different cultures and backgrounds, but also get to learn new things while experiencing an entirely different set of standards. However, despite the many benefits it offers, this is an [...]

Why do a Masters in USA

Over the past few years, the U.S. has dominated the globe in being the most popular university destination for students from all over the world. Somehow, even with the growth of other English-taught options in other countries, numerous students still choose the U.S.A for further studies.   According to the latest report by the QS [...]

Top Courses to Study Abroad

Top Courses to Study Aboard   Before going to study abroad, you should be aware of the socio -economic and political aspects, job prospects and VISA POLICY for granting WORK PERMIT /PR. You should also assess you financial and affordability. Studying and settling abroad is a dream for many youngsters, especially among Indian students. However [...]

PROS and CONS of Studying Abroad

Trying to decide if it’s in your best interest to study abroad? You have heard a lot of stories and mad adventures friends and siblings have had, but not sure if it’s for you. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide what best suits your interests.   CONS Homesickness - Not [...]

Early Action V/s Early Decision

Shortlisting colleges in the US is one of the most crucial steps in the application process. Every child puts together a list of dream, match and safety schools. Should you prove your love by applying early to one of these schools? ED v/s EA Early decision is when the student is bound to attend college [...]

Scope of Studying Medicine Abroad

Medicine courses are among the most difficult to be accepted to, be it in India or several other countries. The sheer number of applicants often makes it a challenge for many candidates to clear medical school tests. Every year, thousands of students compete for places on undergraduate – as well as postgraduate – courses in [...]

Choosing a niche career path

There may be many career options but students get stuck with the select few including, engineering, medical, law, chartered accountancy. However, the story isn't the same anymore as there is a long list of professional courses that are far from conventional career list. Niche courses are in focus and helping fetch unusual jobs for students. For [...]

How to choose the right accommodation?

One of the most concerning issues is of where the child will live when he arrives at University. Most Indian parents are troubled about the safety of their children in foreign lands. Choosing the right accommodation is an essential thing to do before one leaves home.   There are various options to choose from. Below [...]

7 reasons why your student visa can be rejected

The merit of your visa application lies in the veracity of your intent to study abroad, the ability to provide sufficient documents of proof and your confidence in clearing the interview.   Applying for a student visa, officially called the Tier 4 (UK), F1 (USA) and so on, can appear to be a straightforward affair. [...]

How to Pack for University?

Remember you are not going to another planet! You may be tempted to take everything with you, but it's not practical. We have made a brief list that helps you cut through the clutter and grab the essentials only.   Bed Essentials Most accommodations private and University will give you a bed with mattress and [...]

Which board IB, ISC, HSC, “A” Levels?

Exams have ended and another anxiety has crossed paths for students and parents alike. Many families are struggling to make the right choice. With around 140 institutes in India offering IB education and 350 preparing for CIE exams- IGCSE and A/AS Levels, the real question is, “Is it beneficial spending lacs on these international boards?” [...]

How to do well in the IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS™, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency. They test the ability of students in 4 sections Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Most students who have been educated in English for the entire degree should not have a problem getting a good score, however, some do find it [...]


English Language Proficiency is one of the important criteria for international students wishing to pursue their studies abroad. As English is the not first language in our country these tests are essential for most universities. TOEFL and IELTS have been popular choices in the past; however new entrants like PTE are also gaining popularity. With [...]

Believe the Hype! How video games are changing education?

PUBG achieved 100 Million+ combined app downloads in iOs and Android globally till Sept 2018 with daily active users of 20 Million+ in mobile platforms globally. The rise of PUBG in India opens up the gaming horizon for other developers.   Game developers all over the country are working to align some educational games to [...]

Why are Aptitude Tests important?

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of our life and it is natural to feel confused or stressed about it. Parents and relatives firing the same questions day after day constantly bug students. What after 10th? What after 12th beta? Have you thought about your future? Etc.   But remember do [...]

Is Sports Management a Good Career?

If sports is your passion, you do not necessarily have to keep it on the inside favorite sport and at the same time, use your brains to handle the managerial and administrative part of it. Sports have been a popular career in the West for sometime, but in India it has yet to come up [...]

Networking: An Integral Part of Study Abroad

Networking - An Integral Part of Study Abroad Traditionally, ‘networking’ refers to building a base of contacts for the professional world, but these days’ networks expand into the realm of general acquaintances and even friends. Expanding your network can be a simple as talking to everyone you work with, building relationships with course mates if [...]

Manage Money while Studying Abroad

Money matters most. Once you have leapt to study abroad, one thing that worries most students is managing finances during their stay there. Here are some great tips that will help you stay in budget and enjoy your stay while at university.   Open a local bank account Setting up a bank account in the [...]

Is It Beneficial For Indian Students to Study Abroad

Is It Beneficial For Indian Students to Study Abroad Over the years a lot of Indians have been overseas to pursue further studies.  Studying abroad greatly improves the aspirant's career prospects in a number of ways and it helps you get in touch with newer opportunities by letting you out of your comfort zone. Well, [...]

Confused between GMAT and GRE?

Confused between GMAT or GRE? Now that you have decided to pursue your post-graduation abroad, you have looked at your dream schools and are willing to take the leap, oh but let me guess you are not sure whether to prepare for GRE or GMAT. GRE Graduate Record Exam or GRE is a standardized computer/paper-based [...]

How to improve your study skills during Board Exams?

How to improve your study skills during Board Exams? For a student, nothing is more intimidating than the Board exams. It's a matter of great importance for a student to earn good grades as competitions are becoming stiff and education is becoming more and more expensive. As the boards are approaching, we have recently got [...]

What colleges/universities look for in applicants??

What colleges/universities look for in applicants?? Applying to colleges is an overwhelming process. Students start preparing for the same as early as in their 11th grade (2 years in advance). There are several common factors that admission officers look for in a candidate. It is important for a student to highlight not what every student [...]

Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2019

Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2019 Studying abroad is a tough decision. Choosing a country while considering so many factors can be an uphill task. For years The United States has been a popular choice among students across the globe. However, we bring to light some countries that have in recent years proved more [...]

Transitioning in Life Abroad

Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.

Factors for choosing the top MBA colleges abroad

Factors For Choosing The Top MBA Colleges Abroad The first few questions that often pop the minds of aspiring Indian students planning to study abroad include: Which country should I look at? Which country will offer Job opportunities after graduation? What is the cost for study abroad? What are the requirements for an MBA abroad? [...]

Top 5 countries to study MBA abroad

Top 5 countries to study MBA abroad United States of America This is where it all started…. for years it has been the most popular destination for management studies. Considering the infrastructure, resources, and opportunities, it has been the numero uno choice for most students. Besides most of the colleges that top the ranking charts [...]

5 Great Tips To Convince Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad

5 Great Tips To Convince Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad The decision to pursue a degree in a foreign country is often peddled as one of the best decisions you will make in your life. Having studied abroad myself I have always believed that studying in a foreign country is not just to [...]

Profile Building

It’s important that your resume stands apart from others. We ensure to help design your resume in the crispest and effective manner.

Our motto is to make our students a choice every university wants. We help you compose your resume to highlight strengths and activities that portray you as an attractive applicant.

Application Essays

Essays form an integral part of the application process. Most students are confused and don’t know what they should include.

We have brainstorming session to help them choose the best topic for each university. We also help them with the editing. Our editors make sure they do a detailed study of the student profile and university before editing the same.


Business School Applications abroad are competitive. To get in the top schools one must have a holistic profile. This needs early planning.

UG students should typically start working on the profile from as early as Grade 9. For those seeking a Masters or MBA degree one should start immediately after Grade 12 and continue till the final year of your undergraduate degree.


A complete application comprises filling the Application Form and submitting all supporting Documents. Each university has different requirements and there could be specific requirements according to the county or course.

We ensure that all guidelines are followed. We guide you through your competitive testing requirements, form filling and other processes that contribute to a strong and competitive application