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Dubai, which is considered a home away from home for Indian Students, provides a range of programs at all levels of studies. However, it is more popular with those who are looking to pursue post-graduate studies. Dubai is home to Indian institutes as well as universities from the UK, USA, and Australia.

  1. Culture and contemporary influence
  2. Large corporate houses set up due to burgeoning economic activity of the Asian Region
  3. The safe and secure learning environment


  1. Hult
  2. Middlesex
  3. Herriott Watt
  4. RIT
  5. Strathclyde
  1. Wollongong
  2. Birla Institute of Technology
  3. S P Jain Centre of Management
  4. Amity Global

New Zealand is a cost-effective alternative to the UK or Australia. It is a good option for students seeking outdoor adventure in an English speaking country. New Zealand is a welcoming nation offering a warm student-friendly environment.

Stay Back options in New Zealand

As a student who has completed a qualification in New Zealand but does not have a job offer, he may be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Work Visa for a maximum of 12 months. Once there is an offer of employment, he can further apply for a visa up to two or three years under the Study to Work category.  Permanent migration is also available to skilled works and students alike. In order to apply for a permanent residency under the skill migration category, an Expression of interest (EOI) has to be submitted to immigration where the ability of the potential migrant is judged on the basis of a point system.  In case of an application managing, the pass mark would be given an ‘Invitation To Apply’.

  1. The undergraduate study can cost anything between NZ$15,000–$25,000 a year depending on the course.
  2. Postgraduate study can cost between $ 30000- 40000 per year

Switzerland has rapidly evolved as one of the world’s top education destinations. In comparison to other popular study destinations like UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, Switzerland is a smaller country but the quality of education offered is very high. Pre-dominantly three languages are spoken in Switzerland: German, French and Italian. There are 12 universities in Switzerland and depending on where they are located, the language of instruction varies.

Switzerland has a long-established and outstanding reputation for excellence in Hospitality education and training. Many of the world’s successful hoteliers have been educated in this beautiful and safe country. Switzerland demonstrates greatness in its precision approach to detail.



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