Blog 50 - 6 Best Study Abroad Destinations 2021

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Getting an international education is an opportunity many students seek. For those individuals wishing to study abroad, there is one question of prime importance: where is the best place to study as an international student? Of course, the answer depends on what exactly you are looking for in a study destination. Our list of the Best Places to Study Abroad 2021 takes a look at the highlights of popular study destinations:


The United States is a big country, and quite literally has a bit of everything – mountains, seas, deserts and bustling cities. It has thousands of institutions that accept international applicants, and students can always find the program right for them. Students will be able to choose between areas and cities that have different things to offer. Want sun all year round and endless entertainment and activities at your doorstep? Southern California has that. How about studying in a city that never sleeps? Then head on to New York. These are just some of the cities where you can choose to take your study abroad, but there are certainly more to explore. Though considered as one of the most expensive countries to get an education, this diversity makes the US a top study destination choice.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is frequently named a top study destination, and for good reason. Its institutions are famous for their notable alumni – such as Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Mahatma Gandhi – and longstanding traditions. The UK is home to many large student cities that can be found throughout the country, from the Scottish Highlands to the financial hubs such as London. Though infamous for gloomy weather, the UK has a vibrant student life, and international students will find it a good location to explore the rest of the continent, as well as learn more about its culture, art and history. It continues to be part of the list this year as it consistently delivers on quality education and the study abroad experience.


Considered as a global leader in education, Australia is chosen as a study destination primarily for the number and type of courses available in its many top quality institutions. In fact, it has approximately 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions, making it quite likely that the educational field you are pursuing is covered. Australia is also popular for the lifestyle it offers, and even though it is considered to be more expensive to study and live there compared to other study destinations, it is for this reason that many still consider it. With some of the best beaches in the world, it definitely has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities and adventure. For students who give huge importance to having a balance between work and play, Australia is a great option.


Academic excellence, reduced tuition fees and diversity – these three things are some aspects that potential international students should consider when choosing where to study abroad, and France has all three. A number of its universities consistently place well in worldwide rankings of educational institutions, and the country is known as a home to renowned business schools. Another reason why France is often chosen as one of the top study destinations is because of its culture and history. From Paris and Versailles to Bordeaux and Lourdes, there is always somewhere new to visit where students can learn outside the classroom.


With highly regarded higher education institutions and modern learning and research facilities, Germany is also a frequent feature in lists for top study abroad destinations. It also offers a central location, making it a top choice for students who would also like to explore other countries as they pursue their education. Across the country there are a vast amount of institutions offering degrees to international students, with each city offering a range of culture, history and unique traditions


High quality of education, friendly welcoming environment, ample work opportunities, immersive culture make Ireland a great destination for Indian students aspiring higher education abroad. It is also the technology hub having the European Headquarters of several leading MNC’s. Ireland offers quick course completion at affordable tuition fee. Over one in 10 full time students in Ireland is an international student, explaining the excellence it offers. Classrooms use English as the medium of instruction and offer an extensive selection of courses. The education system in Ireland is class apart !