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6 Things To Do While Waiting To Study Abroad

While your study abroad dreams may be on hold, you can still get ahead. Here are some things you can do in the meantime while waiting:


  1. Research Your Study Destination – Take some time to understand the culture as well as the living expenses required to live there. These are two of the most important factors that will determine if you will enjoy your studies there for the entire duration of your course.


  1. Determine Your Most Ideal Course to Pursue – This will not only be affecting the duration and cost that you will have to invest in, but it will also likely determine the path of your career. Take the time to research the courses and decide on which course you want to pursue and determine your budget and course duration you are willing to set aside.


  1. Learn The Language – If you are traveling somewhere you will be speaking a different language other than your native language, use this time to either learn or practice the language that will be used in your host city.


  1. Start Managing your Finances – Study abroad is an expensive affair, in your free time start working on your finances. Research in advance, calculate the costs, talk to your family and make arrangements in advance.


  1. Apply For Scholarships – There are a lot of opportunities to earn some free money to put toward your study abroad endeavors. Additionally, your home university most likely offers different scholarships for study abroad students.


  1. Connect Digitally With 3RDiConsulting – Now that you have a study destination and the desired course in mind, get in touch with our expert Kavitta Mehtta who can help match your needs with the right university. Whether it’s via mobile, email or Zoom, our counselors will provide tailored advice and will be there for you every step of the way.