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How to crack MBA/ Masters Interviews?

Most master’s and MBA students get an interview call once their profile has been shortlisted. Many students are worried about the same and unsure of how to crack this. You must remember that an interview call suggests you are already halfway through, if you do well your chance of getting in is more than 95%.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve success in the interview.

  1. Know your story. Make a point to present your background, experiences, and interests in a cohesive manner that the interviewer will be able to follow. Your interviewer will have access to your resume, but not necessarily your application—so don’t assume the interviewer has the information you shared only in your application.
  2. Be sure you’re able to clearly articulate why you want to pursue the degree and why you want to study at that particular University. This should not be generic – research and find out stuff that really appeals to you personally.
  3. Be aware of your strengths and how you could leverage them in the program. Also, be aware of your weaknesses and consider how you plan to address them. In particular, think about how you’d hope to improve upon your weaknesses using your experience in the program.
  4. Be prepared, but natural. Avoid over-rehearsing your answers or reciting prepared responses word-for-word.
  5. Answer your interviewer’s questions in a concise and complete manner. We encourage you to share solid examples of your teamwork, leadership, and experiences to support your answers. However, be sure you do so in an effective and succinct way, and always make sure you actually answer the question that was asked.
  6. Conduct yourself appropriately. Most interviews take place via Skype, and we expect you to dress and act professionally. Be sure you choose a quiet location for your interview.
  7. We encourage you to ask questions. The interview is your opportunity to learn more about the University, and your interviewer will be happy to share his or her experiences with you. However, please avoid asking questions for which you could easily find on the website.
  8. Keep in mind that your interviewer is truly interested in you and wants to get to know you better! Interviews that are conversational are often the most successful ones. Therefore, make an effort to be curious and get to know your interviewer, too.

Hope this is useful, we at 3RDiConsulting make sure that our students are prepared and confident for their interviews. Miss Kavitta Mehtta personally takes mock interviews to ensure the child does not stumble after being halfway there.