Remember you are not going to another planet! You may be tempted to take everything with you, but it’s not practical. We have made a brief list that helps you cut through the clutter and grab the essentials only.


  1. Bed Essentials

Most accommodations private and University will give you a bed with mattress and mattress cover. Students are required to bring bed sheets, pillow and pillow cover, a duvet for the colder months and a duvet cover as well, however, it is suggested to buy the same online and get it delivered on your day of arrival.


  1. Bath Essentials

As mentioned earlier, there is everything that one will need in almost any country. However you cannot go on a shopping spree as you arrive and so it is recommended to carry your basic essentials like you would on a holiday. Additionally, if you have allergies and use special soaps or shampoo for your skin then it is advisable to carry enough for 3 months before you find what suits you in the foreign land.


  1. Electronics

If you’re an international student, make sure you have a travel adapter for your host country. Other basics include a mobile phone, laptop and accessories, USB stick, and extension cord in case your room doesn’t have too many electrical sockets. Additional appliances like steam iron and hair dryer are also recommended. A music system and/or camera may come in handy depending on your interests!


  1. Stationery Supplies

It’s advisable to carry the essentials for the first week of lectures while you’re settling in. Bring pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, highlighters, paperclips, binders, sharpies, sticky notes, scissors, envelopes, and glue. If you are already aware of the modules you will choose, it is preferred to buy some textbooks from India itself, as it is cheaper. You can also get these second hand from Amazon and e-bay.


  1. Medical Supplies

Don’t forget a First Aid kit with bandages, Band-Aids, burn medication and more. Pack in pills for common ailments like headaches, common cold, and digestive problems. This way you won’t need to run to the pharmacy when you’re actually sick!


  1. Personal Care Items

Carry a few objects that remind you of home. Surrounding yourself with your favourite books and posters or even photos of friends and family is the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling blue. You’ll thank us later!


  1. Money

Make sure to carry enough local currency to tide you over the first few weeks while your student bank account is set up. Carrying some cash even after your debit card is issued is good practice for emergencies.


Some of these items may seem a bit obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to double check when you pack for university. Happy packing!