how to win scholarships

How to win Scholarships?

Funding options are extremely competitive with students from around the world vying for the limited funds. Therefore, in addition to strong and consistent academic records, students need to differentiate their application with evidence to show outstanding contributions to the community, leadership, initiative, innovation, and enterprise.


I am not going to sugarcoat it: scholarships, especially private ones, are hard to win. Competition is fierce. But it’s a common misconception that you need to be a “perfect” student to win scholarships. You know the one: high GPA, 36 on the ACT, violin virtuoso, and founder of a charity for blind orphans. However! While a stellar academic record will always help you in your quest for scholarships, they’re awarded for much, much more than academic achievement or even being “the best” at something.


You can impress scholarship organizations/application readers by:


  • Being enthusiastic: You’re excited to play that sport, study that major, volunteer for that cause—so show it! Your passion for the subject needs to come through.
  • Showing you want to give back: Scholarship orgs want to invest in students who will keep their mission going.
  • Demonstrating that you share their values: Check out the website, get to know the scholarship awarding organization, and read their mission statement. Even echo some of the words they use if you can.
  • Strong academic record(GPA, test scores, challenging classes)
  • Leadership positions(from holding a formal position in a club to spearheading a project)
  • Demonstrated initiative(like undertaking projects that see results in your school and/or community)
  • Demonstrated commitment to field or cause(like research, professional work, etc.)
  • Civic engagement and awareness(volunteer work and community service)
  • Global engagement and awareness(travel, study abroad, studying a foreign language)


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