Myths and facts about studying abroad

Let’s be honest – the idea of studying abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring. The journey from first considering studying abroad to stepping foot on a university campus on the other side of the world may seem long and full of hurdles, but good planning and a positive mindset can go a long way to making your dreams a reality. It’s scary, sure, but it’s also totally achievable. Here are some fears and myths about studying abroad that may be holding you back:

Study abroad is expensive:

No doubt that studying in abroad is generally higher than studying in India. The expenses will vary depending on various factors such as the University, duration of the course, location and so on. The good thing is that the study abroad experience is only growing in popularity, and more and more opportunities for financial support are becoming available. Many universities now offer scholarships specifically for international students wanting to come to their school to study. Be practical and minimalistic. Moreover, you can become involved in on-campus jobs, research assistance, teaching assistance, and other options to add bells-and-whistles to your income.


Many believe that employers don’t value foreign degrees. Employers are always seeking for variety in the organization. This is the reason why they always focus on cross-culture promotion. If you can prove to the employer that you have the required skills that the organisation is seeking for, the employer will definitely going to value your foreign degree. Listing on your CV that you’ve spent time abroad shows employers that you can take risks, are independent and can work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Language Barrier:

Chances are that you’re contemplating studying a course taught in English when you go abroad, so in most cases, it isn’t essential for you to learn the native language of the country (assuming it isn’t English). Most foreign universities put a lot of focus on recruiting international students so English-taught programs are becoming more and more commonplace.



With so much mishappening all across the globe, like increasing cases of terrorism globally, there is a natural concern and fear among the parents about sending their children far away from them in a new place to study abroad. The International Universities comprehend the concern for safety and therefore, they have strict protocols to ensure the students’ safety every time. In addition, some of the International Universities also perform intensive crash courses, have exclusive orientation sessions, and also offer handbooks so that the International students get acquainted with the new place and its culture.

It’s just a party holiday:

For some, studying abroad is just an excuse to get away from home and have a vacation. But it’s much more than that. It can be a way to become more independent, a chance to immerse yourself in new cultures and languages, an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and gain international perspectives – it is what you make of it. Studying in Foreign University develops personal horizons while opening up a world full of professional and personal opportunities. It is a serious affair which further challenges a student on a personal level and have an influence on their academic career. The perfect study abroad experience will be a healthy balance between fun and learning, being social and being studious. If you arrive back home from your time abroad having found that balance, you can be satisfied knowing you had the perfect study abroad experience.

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