Part time jobs abroad

Studying abroad is a pretty exciting and rewarding experience for many students. By studying abroad, students not only get a chance to meet new people of different cultures and backgrounds, but also get to learn new things while experiencing an entirely different set of standards. However, despite the many benefits it offers, this is an expensive affair. Cost of studying abroad is the number one concern for most students and parents. This includes not only the cost of the program itself, but also the cost of accommodation, food, books, travelling and other expenses.


Every parent dreams for the best future of their child and saves money, however part time jobs help students to live comfortably while taking some responsibilities on their own. Extra money can help them accommodate the party and travel expenses. There are a number of creative ways to generate income and earn money while studying abroad.


Most countries allow students to work part time 20 hrs. during term time and 40 hrs. during holidays on a student visa. They are normally paid around 8-10$ per hour. Many countries do not allow foreign students to work while others permit them to do a part-time job only. Although committing to a part-time job and managing it with your studies can be quite difficult, but if you really want to have the overseas experience, you might have to work a few hours per week. Calculate how many hours you’d be able to work in a week and find a part-time job accordingly.


Let’s have a look at a few of these ways:

  1. Teach Other Students – One of the best sources of earning money is tutoring other students depending upon your academic skills and field of study. Helping other students who are struggling with their tough studies is a great way to utilize your English and other academic skills.
  2. Work During Summers – While studying abroad, you can earn more during the summers by doing seasonal jobs or internships. Today, with the rise of social networking, the opportunities for people to find careers is increasing. You can search for seasonal jobs at restaurants, catering companies or summer camps because they all need workers mostly during the summer season.

In addition to seasonal jobs, you can also search reputable companies for internships during the summer. Internships have been a great way to earn valuable experience and sometimes even pay. Although the compensation might be small, the experience you’ll gain will benefit you in future when searching for employment.

  1. Work At Home – A great way to earn money while studying overseas is to work as a freelancer. The best way to work as a freelancer is to create an account on different freelancing websites such as elance.com and find various freelance jobs and projects online. For example, if you are interested in content or academic writing, you can choose to write for various academic writing services.
  2. Babysitting – Another easy way to earn quick money is to babysit for a particular family, especially on the weekends. It has become a trend in the foreign countries to rely on a babysitter to take care of the children after school if the parents aren’t available. Babysitting is quite easy as you’re just getting paid to look after the kids till they go to bed.
  3. Look For Promotional And On-Campus Jobs – Students should also take advantage of the promotional and on-campus jobs available. Search for marketing companies as these companies are often seeking volunteers to help them out at events that they organize all over the country. Also, look for jobs in your college or university campus. Although on-campus jobs do not pay much, they are so easy that you can get most of your studying done by the time your job is over.
  4. Managing money wisely – Sell All Your Unnecessary Items – Students can even earn money by selling their unnecessary or un-used stuff on online auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. You can even ask your friends if they’re interested in purchasing anything from you. You can also trade up your stuff. Save money by buying second hand books, cycles and other such utilities.

By following these creative ways, you will not only have the chance to make the most out of your educational experience, but also to discover the joys of being able to earn while learning abroad. 3RDiConsulting promises students assistance even in their after journey while they study abroad, making us one of the best counselors in Mumbai, India. I hold your and in this journey making it easy at every step and help you achieve your dreams.