pros and cons studying abroad

Trying to decide if it’s in your best interest to study abroad? You have heard a lot of stories and mad adventures friends and siblings have had, but not sure if it’s for you. Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide what best suits your interests.



Homesickness – Not being able to pop home for visits during a quiet weekend or spend the holidays being pampered by your parents can definitely affect you if you’re not ready to take this step. However, with video-calling sites and apps, like Skype and FaceTime, homesickness is a lot more manageable today.

Expensive – Factoring in flights, accommodation, travel money, and living costs, the price of a year abroad can snowball without you realising.

Lonely – It can be a very isolating experience if you don’t settle in well and make friends. It’s much more important to be able to put yourself out there and make more of an effort to join groups, attend socials, and initiate conversation, as you won’t already have a group of friends. If you’re not ready to be this outgoing, then studying abroad probably isn’t for you just yet.

Figuring things out on your own – You’ll have a new appreciation for basic housing necessities back home because in most other countries, they can be luxuries. You are expected to do your laundry, dishes; cook and focus on studies while you are at it. Also, everything will be in a foreign language, which made it extra difficult to figure out how to wash my clothes.



Culture and Exposure – Living in a new country will allow you to experience a completely different way of living. You can try exotic foods, listen to music you’ve never heard before, and learn about traditions specific to different countries. The things you learn will stick with you through life, ensuring you’re a much more knowledgeable and open person than you were at the start of the year.

New friends – Studying at a new university means meeting lots of new people and the opportunity to make new friends. Because this will be a unique experience, you’re more likely to appreciate the friends you make. The bonds you make will be lifelong, which will be incredibly useful for when you finish uni and want to travel. Need a place to stay during travelling? Well, now you have friends who live in those places.

Learning a new language – Unless you’re studying in an English-speaking country, one of the pluses of studying abroad is learning a new language. It helps you immerse more in a new culture, and you’ll get to impress your friends when you come back home!

Traveling – In between classes and homework, you will have plenty of opportunities to travel outside whichever city you are studying in to see other cities or even other countries. Traveling and sightseeing on the weekends really makes the most of your time abroad, and makes for great study breaks!

Yes studying abroad has it pros and cons but overall we at 3RDi Consulting feel it’s an individual and personal choice. However, I strongly feel, that if the child has the maturity and the resources, it is worth an experience. Studying abroad not only makes the student independent but also results in holistic growth of the child.

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