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Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations for 2019

Studying abroad is a tough decision. Choosing a country while considering so many factors can be an uphill task. For years The United States has been a popular choice among students across the globe. However, we bring to light some countries that have in recent years proved more favorable.

  1. Australia

An English speaking country, Australia offers a lot to anyone visiting. Perfect for those who can’t seem to pick up a second language or don’t fancy learning one. However, you can’t mistake it for no diversity. One finds varied landscapes, cuisines, wildlife, cultures, and overall vibe as you move between the coastal cities and the vast outback. Because of this diversity, you can choose almost any course of study, making this dream destination one of the best places to study abroad!

Tap into the lively arts culture in the cities to expand your creative studies, or take advantage of Australia’s rich environment as you study geology, animal science, or marine biology. Even techies will find their place among some top-ranked facilities in the world.

  1. France

Who doesn’t have the Eiffel Tower on their bucket list? France is the most visited tourist country in the world. You better bet it has great things in store for study abroad! Paris offers an exciting cosmopolitan city that will keep you enthralled in activities from day to night, while other well-known cities like Lyon and Nice will keep you engaged in local culture. No matter where you study, your course options will be far and wide, making it one of the best places to study abroad in college. Most recently art and fashion students have frequented it. However, with some top-ranked schools like HEC etc. polls for management programs are also at a rise.

Learn the language of love while immersing yourself in your own love of culinary arts or art history, or take advantage of France’s modern facilities for science and engineering research. Its multicultural atmosphere will teach you lessons in more ways than one.

  1. Germany

Germany has plenty of bargains for study abroad students – affordable programs, high quality and regard for education, and plenty of course offerings to choose from. European history, the sciences and maths, and economics and business are popular choices for students who want to study in big cities like Berlin and Munich. Besides growing in your area of study, studying in Germany will help in your overall skill development, as students are expected to be independent and self-directed. When you aren’t sitting in perfectly structured lecture halls, grab some friends and explore historical sites and natural views. Germany’s organized transportation system makes it easy to see the whole country without breaking the bank. (Or getting lost!)

  1. England

Want to study abroad at a top university, and your second language skills are laughable, England is the place for you! For years the UK has been home to several esteemed universities. London’s big city and urban chic lifestyle attract many students from all over the globe. No matter if your choice of study is European history or theatre, you will be sure to find diversity among your peers. Smaller cities and towns include the ever-so-famous Manchester, Oxford, and Cambridge. Business studies, communications, and liberal arts majors will benefit from the quality and prestige that come along with these names.

Since there are so many options for study abroad in England, you have to do your research to find the right program for you. No matter where you select, the global position England holds will create an educational and worthwhile experience.

  1. Malaysia

A country that has experienced rapid development over recent years, Malaysia is a relatively young destination for international students. Despite only recently becoming popular for study, Malaysian institutions are already garnering recognition across the world. There are 6 Malaysian institutions in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. Institutions in Malaysia have quickly evolved and modernized their education system. They now match and even surpass some of the bigger and more developed countries. It is also home to second campuses for reputed institutes from other countries like the UK.

With a long and fascinating history, Malaysia offers opportunities for international students to gain a high quality education in an interesting and multicultural country. It would be the perfect choice for any student who wishes to further their education in an upcoming and developing country.

When you decide to study abroad you must understand, holistically it is important to build critical skills. This can be done well in an environment, culture, and language which are not your own. So go ahead make the right choice !!!