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virtual study abroad courses

Virtual Study Abroad courses to take in 2021

While studying abroad doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of sitting on your couch staring at your computer screen, the changing reality of the travel industry and global movement means that even studying abroad is being redefined. Covid 19 has really made every industry redefine the way it functions. Thanks to distance learning tools and innovative experiential education programs, studying abroad can now take place from anywhere.

Virtual study abroad is a new option that recreates much of the study abroad experience, such as learning about a new culture, immersing yourself in a new language, and connecting with people around the globe. While you may not be able to wander the winding streets of a new city, you can still gain meaningful cultural experiences, and often at a fraction of the cost.

Here are the top reasons to consider virtual study abroad:

  1. It’s cost effective: This is a huge reason! Study abroad is notoriously expensive, and virtual study abroad offers a low-cost alternative. In fact, some programs for summer 2021 are less than $1,000! Plus, you won’t have to factor in flights and the cost of living in a foreign city into your budget.


  1. It’s flexible: For folks who have a packed academic schedule or need to balance school with work, virtual study abroad offers the flexibility to maintain your day-to-day schedule while still getting to build your international network.


  1. It’s accessible: The reality is that study abroad is not accessible to everyone. Whether the cost is a barrier, your home institution doesn’t support study abroad, or your passport means that certain countries may be off the table, it’s possible that study abroad may not be in the cards for everyone. But virtual study abroad helps to break down some of these barriers by making the experiences accessible to anyone, anywhere!


  1. It’s fun: Meeting new people, immersing yourself in a new culture, learning about a new location…what’s not to love! Plus you’ll learn important cultural competencies that will make your resume and transcript stand out to future employers.
  2. It’s the gateway to other adventures: Studying abroad online can be a great way to dip your toe into the world of travel before committing to a huge international trip! You’ll learn how to communicate with people from different languages and backgrounds which will help prepare you for when you do go overseas in the future.

Top Courses/ Institutes to consider for virtual study abroad

  1. Summer Courses at Harvard University
  2. Udemy Online courses in Digital Marketing
  3. Short courses in Equity Markets offered by BSE/NSE
  4. Programming courses on Coursera
  5. Design courses at University of Arts, London
  6. Language courses