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Ways to tackle exam pressure

Exam-related anxiety and stress are a phase everyone has to overcome. One cannot dodge it even if they try to as it forms an integral part of our learning process. Thus, we must learn to take this challenge gracefully and ace the examination with full confidence with the help of these guidelines.

  1. Planning

Planning is the first and foremost step towards cracking any exam. Last-minute studying/revision only builds pressure and creates panic without actually remembering anything you read. Therefore, planning and organizing are extremely important. A schedule for the whole week should be created and the difficult topics must ideally be taken up first so that most of the load is taken off your shoulders. The timetable should have an estimated time period for a particular subject and a checklist to cancel things out as soon as you finish studying them. Following this timetable diligently definitely makes you less nervous when exams are around the corner.

  1. Learning techniques

A few learning techniques can be adopted by students in order to remember and retain things for a longer period of time. They have a creative approach towards studying instead of rote-learning so that it doesn’t become monotonous for students. Some of the most popular techniques that have proven to be helpful are:

Mind mapping – It is a technique where the main topic is highlighted in the center and related topics are written down in the form of branches to the core subject. You can also underline the keywords for revision on the last day to save time. Mind mapping is particularly used to make complex topics easy which are otherwise not understood completely.

Mnemonics – This technique refers to creating funny acronyms for long answers having many important words. One can also make a song of the first initials of words in a long sentence. This helps boost memory and recall things more quickly.

Mechanical chain method – This technique refers to making symbols or clip art images full of different colors and highlights next to your notes in order to retain and recall important information about the subject.

  1. Writing speed

The last 15 minutes of a paper are a make or break. Thus, having legible handwriting along with a good speed are very important. To avoid the nightmare of submitting an incomplete answer sheet, students must write mock papers at home and time themselves. The ideal speed is one where you at least spare the last 10 minutes to check your paper and avoid a few silly mistakes.

  1. Relax and rejuvenate

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Thus, relaxing and recreation is as important as planning. Taking a short break after finishing one thing on your checklist is important as you give time to your mind to refresh and rejuvenate before you take up another subject. It could be spending time with friends/family, reading a comic or doing something you like. This helps in controlling stress and avoiding negativity.

  1. Exercise

Exercising in the morning is very important as it releases endorphins which uplift your mood and keep you pumped up and active for the whole day. Exercising helps in removing excessive stress and keeps you physically fit which impacts our mental health in a great way.

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